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Man, I have neglected my poor blog. I miss writing, but life has definitely gotten in the way. On occassion I team up with Rachael over at The Growing Tree for her My Husband Rocks posts.

I am a day late. For shame, I know, but bare with me.

This week's "assignment" is: What you would you do if YOU could do anything for your anniversary - Would you fly somewhere exotic or would you curl up on the couch at home? Oh and for the record, your hubby doesn't get to choose this is ALL YOURS! (Money is no object, because this is just hypothetical, but I thought it would be fun!)

Finally, something I barely even have to think about. Josh and I have talked about this trip for years and I do believe we will save and eventually make it happen before we decide to have kids.

Both of us love to travel; to see new places, try new things, and experience it all together.

We want to take a Euro Trip. We have talked about doing this for our 5 year anniversary, but two days from now is our 3rd. (Sheesh, where does time go!). I'm thinking we may have to way for year 6 or year 7, but this is something I really want to happen.

I think right around 2 weeks would be perfect, but since this is limitless in money and we'll say time too, I would spend at least a week visiting each location (Oh in a perfect world).

This would be in no particular oder.

Venice, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

London, England

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Somewhere in Switzerland

At my highschool, every other year, the juniors and seniors from the French, Spanish, and German clubs all take a trip like this for right around a week. The year my trip came up, they canceled it. Whomp, whomp. Part of the reason I even added French to my classes in Jr. High was for the simple fact I could travel to at least half of these places my senior year. So you can just imagine my longing to go to these places. Such beauty, such culture, I want to experience it all and if I can help it we will within the next 5 years or so.

A girl can dream right?


My Husband Rocks

The Growing Tree

Josh and I have been together almost 7 years now, married for just about 3.

We've experienced so much together. Lots of firsts, seconds, and one too many times.

Occassionally I still get taken aback by him.

You know where you just kind of take a step back in your mind and just smile knowing that they're yours and you're theirs. Something that just catches you a little off guard?

We've lived together now for around 5 years so. Life is rather routine. I don't mean that things are boring, but not much throws me off anymore.

I wouldn't say I was thrown by it completely, but the other week we were in a bit of tickle fight and then we were wrestling. Josh then started teaching me jiu jitsu. I always knew he could fight and had heard stories of how he learned, but never really thought about it.

It was exhilarting and so much fun. From what he tells me I'm pretty good at it. He continues to teach me a lot, about myself, about us. He keeps me on my toes and challenges me in so many ways. My mind. My body. My soul. And I think that just may be one of the things a relationship marriage needs.

Free for all. So now, I give you photos from each year we've been together. Share yours too. It's too fun to see the transformation over the years.

November 24, 2006
Where it all began
May 2007 - My Senior Prom

November 24, 2007
Our One Year Anniversary - Spent in Pittsburgh

Christmas 2008


Valentine's Day

I remember being younger and always wanting a Valentine of my own. Occasionally I would have a boyfriend who I could call one, but none of them could ever compare to my Valentine today.

We're not really celebrating this year..it's a pretty normal day really, but that's what makes it so nice. I get to wake up to him almost every day. I know he's thinking about me multiple times a day and it's the little things that make those days so much more special than today could ever be.

But today does hold some meaning for us.

On this day 7 years ago we woke up to one another for the first time.

We had only been together for about 3 months and I was over at his parents house for the evening. The snow was coming down pretty hard and we ended up convincing both our parents to let me stay over for the night. We were so excited to just lay on opposing couches.

Thinking back to that...I remember waking up and reaching for him on the other couch. He came over and we ended up snuggling up. Perfect Valentine's Day right there.

I knew very early we had something really special and here we are 7 Valentine's Days later and things truly could not be better. He makes me feel special on the other 364 days on a pretty regular basis. A girl really couldn't ask for more. (Oh hey, that was the song I walked down the isle to "I Could Not Ask for More " - Sara Evans.)


So what did we do today?

Hubby actually managed to make me cry and I don't mean in a mean way or even in a oh so romantic way. No, this was actually better and what I needed.

As I said yesterday after all those lunges and squats I managed to do, Josh informed me today would be a legs day. Oh my.

We did a 5 minute stair warm up, an intense leg work out (full of squats and lunges I might add), and then he took me over to the stair machine again.

"Fat Burner, 30 minutes, Level 5," he says.

WHAT?! Ok. I can do this......3 minutes in...Ok. I don't think I can do this.

I kept pushing and pushing, trying so hard to concentrate on the music blaring in my ear buds.

6 minutes. Ok. I think I'm going to fall apart.

 Then hubby looks at me struggling and tells me 4 more minutes.

Ok..only 10 total not 30, I can do this.

That last 4 minutes I wanted to haul off and punch him in the face. As lovingly as possible of course. Haha! But he kept encouraging me and I knew, I just knew I could push myself.

And I did. I got to the 10 mintues. I was pretty much crying right afterwards (and I do mean literally), but I did it.

Afterwards, he took us over to Food Lion and he got me post workout drink.

Better than a card, flowers, or even chocolates if you ask me.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! =)


Wednesday Weigh In #1

Alright, so I'm back on the weight loss wagon..well more like the toning wagon.

I am currently the most out of shape I've ever been and I couldn't be more displeased. I think it really hit after I started this steady desk job. I love it, but it's very light in the activity department.

Thanks to Josh I've gotten back on this wagon and I'm really looking forward to loosing some weight for the cruise at the beginning of April. Helllllo, bikini season! That's exactly 50 days away. So just over 7 weeks.

Last year at this time I was doing really great with portioning my meals, working out, and just overall feeling better. I shared my weight and measurements along the way, but right now I'm scaleless and I'm not really worried about "how much I weigh", I just want to feel better and tone up. I want to see my abs again.

So here we go.

Yesterday we did an arm and upper body workout that I continuously cursed Josh for, but I'll have to say I feel pretty damn great today. After getting my nails done earlier I came home and got right to another workout.

One of the home workouts Josh created for me was this:
200 Reps of Each
  • Squats
  • Lunges (100 each leg)
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Pushups
  • Step Jumps
    (jumping from ground floor to 1st step with two feet and back down)
So I did my best to tackle it. I really pushed myself even though I really, and I mean really, wanted  to quit 60 reps in. I did not get to 200, but I did get to 100. Oh and little did I know (because I didn't read it enough) I did the full amount of lunges (100 each leg)..whoops! So now I can work towards getting to 200.

So I'm sore, even after stretching, but altogether I'm really not feeling all that bad.

I hope some of you join in, in one way or another, and let me know how you're doing. I can use all the encouragement I can get. This is not going to be easy.

(these are so much higher compared to when I started last year..lots and lots of work ahead)

Bust: 39.5"
Chest: 34"
Waist: 33.5"
Stomach: 39.5"
Hips: 42"
Thighs: 25"
Calves: 16.5"
Upper Arms: 13"
Forearms: 11"

From what Josh tells me we're doing legs tomorrow. Oh, how I wish I knew this earlier.


Setting Sail

Josh and I have been busy working our tails off and are in dire need of a vacation.

We really enjoyed ourselves when we went to FL in early April 2 years ago and we really wanted to go again. I was doing some searching around and came across a great deal for us for booking early.

So bing, bang, boom, I booked it and we set sail in early April on the Carnival Sensation for 3 nights!

We'll stop in Nassau, Bahamas! =)

I'm ridiculously excited. I get to check this off my 101 in 1,001!


Just joined this interestingly, great site

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Laughter Medicine Sundays

So I've decided to do a post every Sunday that will hopefully make your laugh. Josh is actually collaborating on this with me to help me find videos and anything else that may tickle your funny bone.

The first one is a video my sister, Aleece, sent to us a few weeks back, before it really even hit the radio. It is hilarious. I guess I'll warn you now that if you're easily offended please skip over this post.

Explicit langue is used.