Valentine's Day

I remember being younger and always wanting a Valentine of my own. Occasionally I would have a boyfriend who I could call one, but none of them could ever compare to my Valentine today.

We're not really celebrating this year..it's a pretty normal day really, but that's what makes it so nice. I get to wake up to him almost every day. I know he's thinking about me multiple times a day and it's the little things that make those days so much more special than today could ever be.

But today does hold some meaning for us.

On this day 7 years ago we woke up to one another for the first time.

We had only been together for about 3 months and I was over at his parents house for the evening. The snow was coming down pretty hard and we ended up convincing both our parents to let me stay over for the night. We were so excited to just lay on opposing couches.

Thinking back to that...I remember waking up and reaching for him on the other couch. He came over and we ended up snuggling up. Perfect Valentine's Day right there.

I knew very early we had something really special and here we are 7 Valentine's Days later and things truly could not be better. He makes me feel special on the other 364 days on a pretty regular basis. A girl really couldn't ask for more. (Oh hey, that was the song I walked down the isle to "I Could Not Ask for More " - Sara Evans.)


So what did we do today?

Hubby actually managed to make me cry and I don't mean in a mean way or even in a oh so romantic way. No, this was actually better and what I needed.

As I said yesterday after all those lunges and squats I managed to do, Josh informed me today would be a legs day. Oh my.

We did a 5 minute stair warm up, an intense leg work out (full of squats and lunges I might add), and then he took me over to the stair machine again.

"Fat Burner, 30 minutes, Level 5," he says.

WHAT?! Ok. I can do this......3 minutes in...Ok. I don't think I can do this.

I kept pushing and pushing, trying so hard to concentrate on the music blaring in my ear buds.

6 minutes. Ok. I think I'm going to fall apart.

 Then hubby looks at me struggling and tells me 4 more minutes.

Ok..only 10 total not 30, I can do this.

That last 4 minutes I wanted to haul off and punch him in the face. As lovingly as possible of course. Haha! But he kept encouraging me and I knew, I just knew I could push myself.

And I did. I got to the 10 mintues. I was pretty much crying right afterwards (and I do mean literally), but I did it.

Afterwards, he took us over to Food Lion and he got me post workout drink.

Better than a card, flowers, or even chocolates if you ask me.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! =)

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