101 in 1001 - The List

Being new to blogging I've seen all kind of lists around.
  • 52 in 52
  • 25 before 25
  • 30 before 30
  • 101 in 1001
You get the idea.

So I took it on. I really like the 101 in 1001 because it gives you enough time to complete them. I had a little bit of difficulty coming up with 101, but in the end I think I have a pretty solid, attainable list.
Here we go..

101 in 1001 Days
Beigin: 1/6/2013
End: 10/14/2015

To: Me, Love: Me
1. Get a Tattoo
2. Get Glasses
3. Update Wardrobe

For a Better Me
4. Run a 5K
5. See My Own Abs
6. Begin Taking a Multivitamin on a Regular Basis
7. Go back to School Obtain Bachelor's majoring in Business Management
8. Work towards completing prerequisites for Optomentry School
9. Take the OAT {Optometry Addmitance Test}

Something New Every Day
10. Learn to Fly Fish
11. Learn to Play Golf
12. Learn to Ski
13. Learn to Drive Stick Shift
14. Learn more of the History of the Towns Around Us
15. Research Our Family History and Document it so it's Not Forgotten

I've Done it Before, I'll Do it Again
16. Re-Learn French
17. Re-Learn to Crochet

Been Meaning to..
18. Have Old Laptop Fixed
19. Go Through Our Stuff in PA and Bring the Things We Want Back to WV, Sell/Donate the Rest
20. Fill Every Empty Picture Frame in the House
21. Organize the Home Office
22. Have a Yard Sale
23. Find 5 Things on Free Cycle and Put up 5 Thing in Return
24. Host a Slumber Party
25. Keep up on the Laundry for 30 Days Straight. No Clothes on the Floor/in the Basket

House to Home
26. Remodel Master Bedroom
27. Remodel Master Bathroom
28. Complete Photo Project for Downstairs Hallway
29. Fence in Backyard
30. Complete Home Renovation Book
31. Remodel Basement aka Fan Cave
In the Kitchen
32. Try 20 New Foods [0/20]
33. Build a Gingerbread House from Scratch
34. Cook/Bake 50 New Recipes [0/50]

Shopping List
35. Buy Something from Etsy
36. Buy a my own DSLR Camera {currently borrowed}
37. Buy a Truck for Josh
38. Buy a Pair of Really Nice Boots
39. Buy a Grill
40. Buy a N64
41. Buy a Kitchen Aide Mixer
42. Buy a Pool Table
43. Buy 10 New Pairs of Heels
44. Buy a Sewing Machine
45. Buy a Cricut

46. Pay off Credit Cards
47. Pay off Nissan Maxima
48. Pay off Loan
49. Open a Savings Account
50. Start Saving for My Retirement
51. Save $10 for Every Task I Complete [$0/$1010]

Giving Back
52. Donate Blood I've never done this; I've always been scared to
53. Donate 100,000 Grains of Rice Through Freerice.com [13,900/100,000]
54. Donate Clothes I don't wear/want
55. Leave a 100% Tip for a Server {over $10}
56. Treat 3 of My "Girlfriends" to a "Spa Day"
57. Stop Using Plastic Bags When Grocery Shopping/Buy the Reusable Ones

The Where in Life
58. Go to Las Vegas
59. Go to Canada
60. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
61. Go to New York for New Year's Eve
62. Go to Mexico

Experiencing Life
63. Go on a Cruise
64. Go to another Concert it'll only be my 2nd
65. Take a Brewery Tour
66. Visit 3 Local Wineries [0/3]
67. Attend Another Steeler Game
68. Attend Another Penguins Game
69. Attend Another Pirates Game
70. See the Statue of Liberty
71. See Another Musical in New York
72. See the Tran Siberian Orchestra Live

Be a Little Daring
73. Go Parasialing
74. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
75. Sing Karaoke at a Bar
76. Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge
77. Go Black Friday Shopping

Watch and See
80. Watch 50 of IMDB's Top 250 Movies [0/50]
81. Watch all Seasons of Boy Meets World [0/7]

Lost in Another World
82. Read the 50 Shades of Gray Triology [0/3]
83. Read the book a Veteran at Work Sold Me
84. Finish reading the Biography of Steve Jobs
85. Read the Vow

My Creative Side
86. Complete a Coloring Book
87. Complete a Crossword Book
88. Complete a Cross Stitch Project
89. Scrapbook Our Wedding
90. Make Pin-String Art for the House
91. Complete the 365 Day Photo Challenge [0/365] Starting Tomorrow
Pen to Paper
92. Write a Letter to Myself to Open in 10 Years
93. Write Old Fashioned, Heart Felt Letters to Those in My Life
94. Complete 5 Chapters of my Book [1/5]
95. Complete 10 Chapters of my Book [1/10]
96. Finish Writing Another 101 List by the End of 1001 Days

Wannabe Blogger
97. 300 Blog Posts in 2013
98. 400 Blog Posts in 2014
99. Blog About Each Task Completed
100. Have a post that gets over 10 comments {not including my own}
101. Obtain 50 Subscribers/Followers to Blog [12/50]

What do you think?

Signing off,
Ida Jade


Dale said...

I like this list. It has variety. It also gives us a little insight into your life and values.

Dale said...
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