Pic of the Week: March #1

I really can't wait to have a better camera. Hopefully this time next year I'll have a nice DSLR to explore and capture with, but in the meantime I really just want a better phone.

My phone is a purple blackberry curve and while it was kind to me for some time, I'm well past a need for an update. I used my update to upgrade Josh's phone for his birthday last year, which he loved!

I'm eligible for an upgrade in April. I'm itching so badly for a new phone AND a new camera. I take so many pictures with my phone on a day to day basis. Plus, I'm ready to start the 365 day photo challenge for my 101 in 1,001.

I'm looking at getting the Iphone 4s. I've been "against" apple for quite some time, but reading Steve Jobs biography has me intrigued. Also, I'm anxious for Siri. Being a Realtor and always on the go I really think it'll help me with day to day tasks. Here's hoping!

My cuddle pup. = )
Blogging the other night in bed she curled up right beside me and slept for quite some time.

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