2013 and Changes to be Made

I really don't want to call any of this as resolutions; it makes me feel like it's guarenteed to fail if you label them with the "R" word.

Last year wasn't all that great of a year. There were many road blocks and obstacles to overcome in 2012. I wouldn't really change anything, because it got me where I am today, right now, but you can't help but wonder if some things would have played out differently what would have happened.

Enough dwelling on the past though. Here are the things I'd like to work on this year.

1. Trim Down and Maintain.
We'll start with the normal "weight loss" goal. I didn't do bad last year for the first few months, but a few things happened and ricocheted me way off track. That's changing this week. I felt so good back when I did my waist watcher posts with Rachael at The Growing Tree. So I hope to start this up again. I started by drinking a lot more water than I have in the past. It's a step in the right direction.

2. Making Time.
I want to make time for the people who make time for me. That includes family and friends. I spend way too much effort exhausting my time on those who are not truly there for me. It's a terrible habit of mine.

Something my mom always told me and still does to this day - if someone cares about you, you won't always be the first to make contact/plans ect. This goes for texting, calling, and even visiting. I remember being little and having a friend mad at me for not "talking" to them in one way or another. She would always remind me...the phone works both ways.

With that said I'd really like to call my family and friends more and I definitely want to write the snail mail letters I was going to do last year.

3. Taking Care of Myself.
I'm finally back to having a good job again so I really want to try and keep up on my hair care as well as update my wardrobe. I started by getting a few new tops from Charlotte Russe for the new year. I even wore one for our New Year party last night.

4. Go Back to School.
I have a really long journey ahead of me. I'm very set on completing my bachelor's and going to grad school for Optometry. I hope to start back up in the fall semester. I hate putting in off another semester, but starting right now doesn't make sense. I need to get us back on track with a few things and then go back, but I swear (and please slap me if I come back on this) I will go in the Fall.

Here's to what will hopefully be a great year.

What are your "R" words?

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Melissa Harding said...

Can I be one of the friends you keep in touch with more this yr?
=) love and miss ya always