Post 100

I'm big on noted "check points" in life and now in the blog world.

This is Blog Post #100!!

I've been trying to figure out for about 25 posts what on earth I would talk about.

Let me start with some blog stats:

Eternity Kind of Love's 1st Post {10.24.11}
# of Days in the Blog World {138}
# of Page Views as of Today {3,723}
# of Followers as of Today {19}

I'm pretty happy with that. I'm really loving my chance to speak to everyone through my blog; those I know and those I don't.

My vision for my blog?
I want it to grow. I want to reach people across the nation world and inspire them. I want to be different and entertaining. I want not only woman to follow, but guys too..I feel like I have a lot to offer.

I'm learning as I go and I'm aware I have a long way to go, but I really enjoy this and know I can overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Now I ask you..if you like to read..follow me in someway (tabs in the right hand corner), like me on facebook, or just let me know you're there. Knowing my audience is a big part of how and what I write. Let me know what you like and don't like; I'm up for any suggestions.

And on that note..a little fun...

1. Go to Google
2. Type in your answer
3. Select a photo from the first 2 pages
4. Upload

~ What is your first name? ~
{3rd in 5 generations}

~ What is your middle name? ~
{After a character on General Hospital}

~ When is your birthday? ~
{Same as Josh}

~ What kind of car do you drive? ~
Saturn Vue
{Josh's car, but what I drive}

Nissan Maxima.
{My car, but what Josh drives}
~ What are your top 3 favorite movies? ~
{a great dance movie}

The Lion King.
{Disney classic}

Harry Potter.
{pure genius}

~ What are your top 3 favorite books? ~
Harry Potter Series.
{remarkably written}

It's Kind of a Funny Story.
{A story of an insane assylum; now a moive}

The Hunger Games.
{Amazing. Can't wait for the movie}

~ What are your top 3 favorite tv shows (currently)? ~
{freaking incredible; love the plot}

The Big Bang Theory.
{Hilarious. I've fallen in love with all the characters}

Family Guy.
{Just funny.}

~ What are your top 3 favorite tv shows (ever)? ~
Boy Meets World.
{Does it get much better?!}

Full House.
{Ahh, childhood.}

The Simpsons.
{Still going strong}

 ~ Who is your favorite Disney princess? ~
{I had a nightgown as a child that was like her outfit; so sad to grow out of it}

 ~ What is your favorite alcoholic drink? ~
Margartia on the Rocks with Salt.

 ~ What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? ~
Root Beer.
{It's been Mt. Dew all my life until very recently; friends/family don't be shocked}

~ What is your favorite animal? ~
{Started with an alphabet book that had an elephant through out}

~ What are your top 3 vacation destinations? ~
{So anxious to see with Josh}

{I was suppose to go in high school, but the trip was cancelled my senior year}

{undeniable beauty}

~ What is your favorite dessert? ~
Brownie Ala Mode.
{the cold of the ice cream with a warm brownie *mouth watering*}

~ What did you want to be when you grew up? ~
The Pink Power Ranger.

An Olympic Gymnast.
{far too tall}

Owner of a Dance Studio.
{too much drama}

Radio City Rockette.
{still persuing this one}

A Successful Realtor.
{I'm on my way}

~ What was your first job? ~
Birthday Host at Chuck E. Cheese
{my first paycheck every 2 weeks anyway; dance assistant to teacher first}

~ What is your favorite store? ~
Ross Dress for Less.
{I love a good deal}

~ What is your favorite accessory? ~
Hoop Earrings.
{I've worn them almost every day since 7th grade}

~ What is the quote you live by? ~
Everything Happens for a Reason.
{I have no doubt}

~ One word to describe yourself? ~
{Always will be}

I hope you enjoyed this; I had fun doing it.


Laura Hernandez said...

I'm a new GFC follower from You, Me, and Natalie's blog. I'd love a follow back! Your site is too cute!

Rachael Farris said...

This is too cute! I'm totally doing this =)

Ida Jade said...

Thanks, Laura! I believe I'm already following you =) Love your site!

Rachael, yay can't wait to see yours!!