Introducing Me.. # 4

Introducing Me:    Day #4: Picture of Your Night

I have a few. It's been a good day/night. Today was Josh and I's "Christmas" since he works on Christmas Day. We were having Ellie Mae open her presents and enjoying our time together watching some Christmas Eve football when I got a call from my mom.

My mom and her boyfriend, Scott, came to visit us as a suprise. Was not expecting that at all! I'm so happy because when I wake up in the morning on Christmas I won't be all alone. We had a nice day watching football and catching up. We all ended up taking a short nap and then we all got ready to head to the casino.

The casino this year gave all of their employees a $25 gift card to Walmart along with a certificate for 2 free meals at there all you can eat buffet. Josh, and I were planning on going anyway so we decided to keep the same plans. After dinner, I showed them around.

Christmas Eve, came early for a few poker players. We were there right when they were handing out the prize money for a bad beat jackpot. For those who don't play poker this is a very good hand that gets beat by another really good hand. The person who gets beat would probably be thinking they had it in the bag until the "bad beat" comes. The casino just started this jackpot 10 days ago so it was pretty impressive that it hit this early and on Christmas Eve, how neat! The "loser" won close to 27K to my understanding and the rest is divied out between the winner (who gets more than the other players) and everyone else at the table. It was pretty cool to see.

After dinner we came back home and hung out some more and wrapped some presents. We're all headed to bed now, but it was a really good night. Better than I even imagined. =)

Here are some pictures and even a video. Enjoy!

Miss Ellie Mae behaving (for the most part)

My momma and Scott =)

Ellie's new favorite toy. It did havea cute little santa hat, but that's off already.
It grunts, rattles, and squeaks!..watch ;)

#4: Bullet Your Whole Day..(whoops pretty much did this)

*Worked til 3 AM at the bar
*Couldn't fall asleep until 5 AM
*Woke up around 10 AM
*Made our NFL Picks for the Day and snuggled up
*Order PapaJohns Pizza, Wings, and Breadsticks for lunch (like we do every normal Sunday of football)
*Started watching RedZone around 12:30PM
*Mom called around 3PM or so to let us know she was crossing over the WV line
*Hurriedly wrapped their gift (stainless steel pots and pans)
*Caught up and exchanged gifts
*Watched the late games (4PM) and took about an hour and half nap
*Woke up around 6:30PM and sat around for awhile until we all got ready
*7:30PM headed to the casino for dinner at the Epic Buffet
*9PM tried to got to Martins and Walmart of find neither open, whoops!
*9:30PM stopped at 711 to get some Mt. Dew for my mom and me
*Sat around the rest of night talking, watching tv (including a roast on Larry the Cable Guy)
*12AM Caught up on my blogs that I follow and wrote in mine
*1AM Heading to bed now

There you have it. =)

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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