Tried It Out: Holiday Wreath

Okay, the slacker in my is getting back on board.

Holiday Wreath
Okay, so this one didn't come from Pinterst or any other site for that matter. Josh and I were getting in the Christmas spirit and all of the wreaths we camea across were just too expensive. So we decided to head to Michaels and purchase our own supplies and make it ourselves. It turned out great, in my own opinion. Let me know what you think!

Plain wreath purchased at Michaels.

Glitter Purchased at Michaels and Left over spray glue from wedding crafts (love this stuff)
Josh and I took turns spraying the glue and sprinkling the glitter.
It held up pretty well, but we still had to shake off the excess.

A better representation of what it looks like. Snow. =)

We picked up a one "bunch"  of poinsettas and decontructed them. If you pull on the flowers "head" it will "pop" off. We took pipe cleaners and use them to secure the flower the wreath. Easy and subtle.

We then used our judgement and added the flowers and some pincones
we picked up for a different project (blog to come later)
The finished product.

I think it took  maybe 10 minutes total to complete this. Simple, easy, and so pretty!

Signing off,
Ida jade

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Rachael said...

Looks really pretty! My wreath was made by Mike's Dad's Mom, who is very special to Mike. =) I'm so happy that we bought it because (A) it's beautiful and (B) it's a piece of her that we will have forever! Check out all my xmas decorations, I posted them today!!