Introducing Me..#2

Introducing Me:
#2: Picture of you and the person you've been closest with the longest

This is really hard for me to choose. Besides family, I've been close to two of my friends for just about the same amount of time. I'm honestly not sure which I've known longer. So I'll do both, it's only fair.

Ber aka Amber

and just because I have this uploaded already, us when we were younger =)

If it weren't for our mom's we never would have met one another. Our mom's met at their workplace, Hilltop Lab Animals, and became pretty good friends. The first time they hung out outside of work my mom brought me along to meet Amber, 4 at the time. I'm pretty sure we hit it off right away. I'd like to say we've been friends since, but we've definitely had our ups and downs. Some how though we always wind up back together. We had some growing up to do, but now that all of it's in the past..we're closer than ever. I really hope she moves this way in the next year or so. Love you, girl! =)

Keishy aka Keisha
Ahaha '05 NYE
I'm not sure exactly when we became friends, but I know it was around the same age. My parents were friends with her neighbors and through them I met Keishy. We spent a lot of time together, one of our favorite memories was playing with our Lion King figures over the phone. Good times. As we grew up our classes weren't together and we saw each other less and less, but we always remained friends. Finally in 11th grade we had multiple classes together and reconnected all over again. I don't see her nearly enough, but she's always there and I know it goes vice versa. Love you, Keishy Babe!

# 2:  Something you feel strongly about.
I am completely against Affirmative Action. It's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard of. I could go on an on about and as a matter of fact I have; I once did this as a college assignment. If it weren't for Josh I never would have realized how terrible it is, but it's absolutely ridiculous. Race has nothing to do with your job performance. The fact that there are "percentages" that companies must abide by is asinine.

You know who should get the job?! The best man for the job, no matter their race or sex.

I know there are still backward thinking people, but I honestly think our society can figure this out on their own...it's the best man for the job, not who their parents were and what genes they wound up with.

As Peter Griffin would say, "It really grinds my gears!" Haha!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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