Introducing Me..# 6

Introducing Me:  # 6: Someone You'd Trade places with for a Day

This may be in part of me watching a certain show right now, but typically this is a hard questions for me to answer. I like being me. I try to think what other people would say..someone historical? nah. an actor/actress? not really. a family/friend? too weird.

I'm watching the  The Next Great Baker on TLC and I'm wondering what it would be like to trade places with Buddy Valastro for a day.

I've always been fascinated by dessert/cake decorators. The talent, patience, and attention to detail. How quickly they work and how beautiful it all looks in the end. I'm confident that I could turn out a descent cake if I had the right tools, but some of the things they do are just insane to me.

Buddy himself seems to be absolutely talented and an extreme professional. Minus all the drama on his shows he seems like a class act guy. It'd be quite an experience to trade places for a day with him.

Since this isn't possible, I would some day like to meet him, but it'd be even better if I could learn something from him one on one..anything. And that's even less likely, haha. A girl can dream!

# 6: Your Views on Mainstream Music.

I bite. I listen, but I get more annoyed almost everyday. The songs that never go mainstream and some artists who never do are far better and maybe that's just because their not over played. I love new music and for anyone who hears something they love and thinks I may not know, please share! It's a choreographers dream for good, unheard song that allows their audience to think and get wrapped up in the song just as much as the choreography.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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