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The latest and greatest is...I failed, miserably the past week and a half at keeping this up to date.

*shame, shame*

So here are my thoughts, I can keep this blog alive, I know I can, but I have to cut back my "dailies" a bit. So here is, where I'm going with this:

Sunday - Weekly Goals/NFL Picks      ..I just can't keep up with it, It literally changed every day, if not every hour!
Monday - Rant (Not My Favorite) & Rave (Love Me Some)
Tuesday - NFL/NHL Update (seasonally of course)     ...I think to save some time, I'll keep this to just NFLWednesday - House to Home        ..this should be doable - but I'm going to leave it "optional"
Thursday - Tried It Out - Before/After
Friday - Pic of the Week and Rachael's Hubby Rocks every other Friday.

Okay, so I didn't really "cut" that much  out, but I'm sure this will help.


Thanksgiving Weekend update?

We headed up to PA and had a great time as usual and it was not as nearly as stressful as it had been in pervious visits. We were able to actually, just relax, a bit.

Friday we left decently early after Josh got off work. On our way we stopped and picked up the free turkey I had earned at Martins with my expertise (haha) in couponing. I was able to get a nearly 15 lb. turkey for free. We will be freezing and saving it for our New Year's Party (can't wait!)

When we got there, we just hung out with his parents, which was really nice. After awhile, we headed to my grandparents house and visited with them and my dad for a few hours. I wish we could have stayed longer!

When we got back to his parents house, Aleece (my sister-in-law/best friend), asked us if we wanted to go out with her fiance, Ryan, and her. So we met up with Gary (their cousin) and Devon (his girlfriend) at Buffalo Wild Wings. I don't know where I found the room to eat, but I did. We hung out for a good while, it was really a great time. I wish we could see them all more.
Molly, zonked out =)
Riley, "laughing" =)
My Grandma and I =)
My dad and I =)
Buffalo Wild Wings with Everyone
Hahah, love them!

Saturday, we lounged around all day. That was it,.. slept, watched movies, and slept some more. We did eventually get up and head over to my granny's where we had our "Thanksgiving". Mashed Potatoes, Noodles, Gravy, Turkey, Ham, Buns....yummmm! =)

Afterwards, Josh and I headed to the mall and did some Christmas shopping. We actually bought something this time around! This is an amazing feat, because our typical routine is to go "shopping" about 5 or 6 times until it's a week before Christmas and we are both thinking "Oh S*#@!". Haha! I'm proud, we have a fairly good idea what we're doing and will be doing the rest of our shopping online. It's just SO much cheaper anymore.
Sunday, we all slept in and then Aleece, Ryan, Josh and I all headed to Pittsburgh. Oh man, did we have a good time. When we got there we went to the incline (which I've been wanting to do for quite a long time). It takes you up to Mt. Washington and it has the most beautiful view of the city. It was raining just a bit, so we pretty much had the sites to ourself. We did meet someone oringally from the area who lives in WV now, amazes me how small this world actually is.

Heading to the Incline

View from Mt. Washington

I just LOVE this city<3

After we got back down, we headed to Bar Louie in Station Square for a few drinks and a delicious appetizer. There were "loaded" fries, with bacon, queso, and scallions. I was in heaven, it was SO good!!

We then headed over to the Melting Pot, where we had made reservations earlier, and we had a even better meal. I absolutely LOVE that place! Josh and I ate there the day after the wedding and I've been dying to go back! Between the 4 of us we had two fondue cheeses (Spinach Artichoke ?? & Boston Lager Cheddar), two cooking oils to make our pork, beef, steak, buffalo chicken, and lobster tail (YUMM!), and two chocolate fondues (Cookies 'n' Cream & Chocolate Turtle?..I think). We were stuffed! Side note..if you haven't tried granny smith apples in cheese fondue..please do. It's aaamazing!
Such a great meal with some really great people. =)

Aleece's Love Martini and my Bourban Berry Bramble..YUM!

Afterwards, we went back to Bar Louie for a bit to watch the Steeeler game (GO STEELERS!!) and then headed home during the half time. Thank goodness, Aleece drove us home, because I past out a few minutes in to the drive home.

Watching the game, intently =)

It was such a nice weekend and we were able to see a lot of people without being too stressed out. A success in my book.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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