2011 in Review

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I whole heartily mean this, I'm in hope that every one's year is prosperous and filled with an abundance of great memories with your loved ones.

I guess the ultimate question then becomes what are my new years resolutions?

I have a few, but first let me give you 2011 in review. It was a glorious year and it's not to be forgotten with the arrival of 2012.

Last January was slightly uneventful, but we did celebrate one of our best friends, Garret's,  birthday in Harrisburg, PA. It was a night to be remembered, I'll share a few photos.

Happy Birthday, Garrett! Haha!
One last shot, to end the night.

February was uneventful as well. We had a few visitors and had a small get together to watch the Superbowl. Our beloved Steelers faced the Green Bay Packers. I have the utmost respect for the Packers and was happy with their win, it would have been wonderful to see the Steelers win another, but there's always another year.

Mom, Ber, and I at Harpers Ferry

Another slow month, until the end. On March 27 we adopted Miss Ellie Mae. We had been looking for puppy/dog for a few months and when we found her we were in high hopes of bringing her home And we did, she was curious and playful, but also cuddly. She warms our hearts and is our little girl. She frustrates me on a daily basis, but I love her none the less.

The day we got her.

We had been planning a trip to Cancun for most the year and it ended up falling through. With the days requested off we began to search for our vacation destination. We waited until almost the last minute when we saw the best deal possible. We wound up in Daytona and were able to meet up with a high school friend to stay in Orlanda for a night. We went to Universal Studios and spent a lot of time on the beach. It was a relaxing and beautiful vacation. We hope to return many, many times again.


After about a month and half of studies the beginning of May came with my WV Real Estate exam in Charleston. I took the test on May 7 and a short week or so later I received an email from my mentor and good friend in Real Estate, Adam Shively, that I had made the passing list. An accomplishment I do not take lightly. I then joined Keller Williams at the end of the month.

June brings about Josh and I's birthdays, neither of which were very eventful this year. When receiving my license I was balancing beginning my career with a FT job at an optometry office. Without further discussion, it was months of unhappiness before I made the decision to not return to that office and I jumped full time into real estate. In doing so it was only a short few days after that I wrote my first contract. It was a glorious feeling and not one to be forgotten.

JulyAn eventful month, filled with visits from some dear friends. All in the matter of a few weeks I was blessed with visits from Denise & Alyssa, Ber, and Alexis. All the while I interviewed and was hired with the local casino for a simple part time job. And of course at the end of the month we celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary in Baltimore.

At the Power Plant in Baltimore celebrating our Anniversary

August was a mile marker in my life not to be forgotten. I closed on my first home and received my first commission check as a Realtor. That same month my dear sister in law, Aleece, was proposed to and I was asked to be her Matron of Honor in her wedding on 7.13.13. It was an overly blessed month, that's for sure.

I celebrated my first closing with a rather large house party, which included my in laws surprising us with their attendance. It was a great night amongst many great friends. September 10, was Josh's godson's birthday, little man Doltyn turned 1. So hard to believe! At the end of the month I made a trip to NYC for an extended weekend and visited a great friend of mine on the Upper East Side, thanks so much Megan..can't wait to come back!

Megan and I

On the Brooklyn Bridge

October we celebrated Aleece and Ryan's engagement party and took in part of a visit from Ber and her boyfriend, Brian. Towards the end of the month inspiration struck and I began this very blog, as well as a book I intend to finish someday. With October comes Halloween and I was able to celebrate in many ways this year. A night with some old friends, another with my favorites, and one spent working at the casino in costume. A great month without doubt.

1 of the engagement photos I took for them

..and another

Little man Doltyn and Josh =)

Josh, Aleece, and Garrett

Brian, Ber, Me, and Josh
November, an another slightly uneventful month, but Ber did visit us once again. We made our way into DC for an interview for her, and though it did not work out, I know that soon something will and she'll be living down here with us as well. Later in the month after Thanksgiving we spent some much needed time with family and friends.

In front of the White House

Jonah, Me, Ber, and Brian

Josh and I with Devon, Gary, Aleece, and Ryan at Buffalo Wild Wings

Aleece and Ryan in Pittsburgh

Ryan, Aleece, Josh, and I afetr riding the incline to the top of  Mt. Washington

Ahh, the holiday season. Stressful, yet wonderful. We were not able to spend Christmas Day amoungst blood family, but we did spend it amoung amazing friends. I was able to join Josh at the fire station for a delicious dinner. We then spent the next 2 1/2 days visiting family and friends. Then back quickly for the both of us to head back to work. All the while we prepared for this past Saturday, New Year's Eve. It was our "2nd Annual" and a great one at that. Couldn't imagine bringing in the New Year without them.

Little Man, Doltyn and Miss Ellie Mae

We certainly have a full spread

Denise and I

Jello Shots..AND whipped cream (oi!)

Champagne for Midnight!

So there you have it. Farewell 2011, you treated me well. I look forward to 2012 and hope that it in some way can live up to and maybe even surpass 2011. Here we go.... =)

This post has taken far longer than expected, so tomorrow I shall post my resolutions.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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