And So the Writing Begins..

I'm taking a short moment to get my post up for the day, I'll be headed shortly to a Halloween Party. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Last night Josh helped our buddy Garrett move some couches and while I waited for him I did some work, got a shower, and started to play around on my Kindle (which I haven't been able to use at all really because my sister, Aleece, got me the Twilight series for Christmas). I had to finish those books, before I could go on to anything else. The Kindle was a fabulous gift from Josh for Christmas as well.

Here's what I purchased:
1. Steve Jobs Biography
2. The Help
3. Gotham: A History of New York City
4. A Notepad Application

By the way, the one click purchase is dangerous. I had to force myself to stop or I would have bought a ton more books. I love to read.

After I sat the Kindle down I decided to break out a new notepad and begin a VERY rough outline to my book. From there, I wrote the last paragraph of the book. This may seem weird, but any other time I've had an inkling of an idea it always fell through because I didn't know how to end the book, but this was different it came to me and quickly. Afterwards I called my dear friend Ber (Am"Ber"), who has been my sounding board thus far. She loved it too.

That's where I am, but that's a larger accomplishment then I've ever had. I think it's clever and different. I'm excited to see where it goes; time will only tell.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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