C25K Hault..

C25K. For those who don't know this means "Couch to 5K". It's a beginners running program to help you train for a 5K in 9 weeks. I've taken this journey on with Rachael and was doing quite well.

**For those who would like to check it out, just google search C25K...they even have an application where you can play music while you run on your ipod, ect. and it will let you know when to run/walk, etc.**

The day after our 3rd run in the first week I started to have this soreness in my left ankle. I figured it was just a sore muscle and Josh, my husband, thought the same thing. So I continued to run 2 of the days for the 2nd week. And, then the pain just got worse.

It's developed into a sharp pain, especially in the morning (when it's not "warmed" up) going up and down stairs. It shoots up from right around my arch, into my ankle and up the side of my calf.

Yesterday after working 7 hours on my feet at my part time job at the casino it was quite swollen. So today, Josh poured me a glass of wine and had me soak it and ice it, and then prop it up before I went to bed before another Swing Shift (11PM-7AM). The swelling went down while I slept, but of course has returned since I've been on my feet for the past 6 hours.

I know I need to let it rest, but I really want to get back out and run. I'm so bummed out. I really want to run my 1st 5K in December with Rachael. *Fingers Crossed* that it's not something serious and it heals in a timely manner.


Okay, onto my previous post subject.

I have gained 4 followers (that I know of). *Round of Applause*

Thank you *bows* Thank you *bows*! I'd like to thank....haha. Thanks, guys good to know this isn't just for my entertainment and I can inspire someone else. =)

I've decided to begin the daily posts next week, starting on Sunday.

Sunday - Weekly Goals/NFL Picks
Monday - Rant (Not My Favorite) & Rave (Love Me Some)
Tuesday - NFL/NHL Update (seasonally of course)..this may get pushed to Wednesdays on occasion, we shall see.
Wednesday - House to Home
Thursday - Tried It Out - Before/After (This will include Recipes, Ideas, Organizing..mainly from Pinterest)
Friday - Pic of the Week ...Also I'll be participating in Rachael's Hubby Rocks every other Friday. So I'll be linked up with her. =)

Can't wait to begin this, I need some motivation to keep this up..maybe more followers? =) Spread my link around like butter to fellow bloggers and friends, I'd love to see what they have to offer and entertain any thoughts, ideas.

Signing off,


Dale said...

A while back, I felt like I was "going to" sprain my right ankle. Eventually, I did sprain my right ankle. I had the same thing you have: swelling and pain in the right leg, going up almost to the knee. I later came to the conclusion (totally on my own--no doctors involved) that I had a minor stress fracture in the lower shin.
Yours sounds worse than mine, probably because you don't sit as much at work as I do. I'd recommend propping up your leg, icing it down a lot, and sitting as much as possible.

Ida Jade said...

Intersting. Thanks for the advice, Dale. It's good to know I'm not the only one, haha. I fractured this ankle in highschool so I'm slighting worried it's in turn of that somehow, but it's really hard to tell.

Rachael said...

So excited that you're going to be linking up with me! The first MHR Friday link up is this Friday if you'd like to go ahead and participate! =)

That sucks about your ankle hon. Honestly, I didn't run all this week so I'm thinking about just stopping, getting un-sick and starting back next week with you...unless you think you're going to need more time than that! Just let me know!

So excited for your new blog! =)

Ida Jade said...

I'm excited to participate! =) You'll have to explain to me how to "link up"..still new to the real blogging world.

I'm loving the new blog, I love coming to the site and I'm really happy with how it looks, the last one was just mediocre.

I'm hoping to start back up next week too! So excited for December!