A Year & A Day..

This beauty is ours. We closed on October 26, 2010. Hard to believe it's been over a year.

Some work done to that same wall pictured above

Work done to the door way between the Living Room and Kitchen. Also, in the background you can see the shelves we have added.



Purchased a new fridge, almost immediately after move in, since the home did not come with one. We were lucky to get one that matched the rest of our appliances and still get a good deal.

Painted the cabinets to a lighter color to brighten up and show off how large this kitchen/dining room really is. (Realized I don't have a completed picture of this yet, I'll have to take one soon)

Painted Dark Brown Trip and inside the "open" shelves for a different dynamic

No one ever uses the cupboards above the fridge really, right? Josh and I created this from the existing cupboards. It pulls out just like a drawer. We house our wine and liquor here. (Don't have a picture of this finished either).

Another favorite kitchen addition..a wine glass rack along with lighting underneath the cupboards for a neat design effect. =)

Josh designed and made this pot holder. I just love it! It goes so well in the kitchen. =)

Couldn't stand the yellow...

Painted cupboards the same color as the kitchen, added backsplash left over from the previous owner (same as kitchen, but we did a different grout color). Marble sink top is from the ReStore and we purchased it for $15. It was too short, so we added cement board and layed down seashells from our honeymoon. Not everyone may like it, but I simply love it.


We've actually done a lot more than this, but I have to keep the fireplace we are building from the ground up a secret. I will post when it's completely finished, I'll have a "reveal". It's amazing and I'm so proud of the work we've done, only some small details and it'll be done.

I will talk more about the specifics of the home and what we've done in my House to Home posts, but I just wanted to share some of the work we've completed in the past year. And like I said, there's a lot I'm not posting.

Some how it still doesn't feel real though. I know it's been a year and it definitely feels like home, but even pulling into my driveway or driving past the house throughout the day just baffles me. It's ours. We own a home. We're not throwing our money away to rent and we have a GORGEOUS house! I couldn't be happier with it. I always think, "You're not suppose to get your dream home on the first try." It really is though, granted we are changing things, but I love that about it. It's perfect and so unique.

I'm anxious to see what all we'll have completed in the next year. We have a lot of plans and we're working floor by floor. Hopefully you'll get to see the journey through my House to Home posts.

I love home ownership.<3

It is afterall how I got into Real Estate, and I'm quite certain I've found my career here. I love helping others find their "house to call home". It's a glorious feeling. Especially since I was able to find mine.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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