Weekly Goals #1

I'll only be taking part in 1/2 of my "daily" post today. It is suppose to be Weekly Goals and NFL Picks, but I had no time to help Josh pick them for this week. Hope we're doing well though!

This Weeks Goals
Clean & Begin Organizing Kitchen/Dining Room
Work Out of the Office More this Week
Paint Hallway, Begin Painting Foyer
Complete the Fireplace in it's Entirety
Purchase Fireplace Electric Insert
Look for Sectional for Living Room and Purchase
Move Gas Stove to Garage to Get Out of the Way
List Projection TV, Light Fixture, and Gast Stove on Craigslist
Complete 4 Days of Running to catch up on C25K
Start Photo Project for Downstairs Hallway
Select and Order 300 Photos from Snapfish for $3 (Coupon Code: SPOOKY300)
Blog 6/7 Days of the Week at Least
Work on Book (even if just for 5 minutes)
Read on Kindle (even if just for 5 minutes)
Clip Coupons
Go Through Coupon Binder and Get Rid of Expired Coupons
Clean Car

Ugh, that's a lot. And I'm sure I'm missing a million different things, but that's a place to start right?

And just because the game is over and it was so good to see it...Love my Steelers!<3 6-2!!


Signing off,
Ida Jade

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