So I'm pretty sure I'll just be talking to myself, but who knows, I may gain a few followers.

I am the kind of person that when I lay down to go to sleep my mind reels for what seems like forever until it lets me actually fall asleep, no matter how sleep deprived I am (and that's a lot lately). So today, before my part time job at the casino I tried to lay down and sleep around 6PM, so that would leave me with about 4 hours of sleep before I had to work the dreaded Swing shift (11PM-7AM...blah.) I'm pretty sure it wasn't until a little after 8PM that I actually fell asleep.

And, that brings me back to my mind reeling before bed. I couldn't stop thinking about this blog and ideas, so I got out my phone and used the simple notebook application all phones have these days and jotted some of these down...

*Weekly Goals
*Football Picks
*Football Recap, NHL Update (on my Pittsburgh Penguins of course)
*Rant (Not My Favorite) & Rave (Love Me Some)
*Organzing Me (Life, Household, Etc.)
*Pic of the Week
*House to Home
*Tried It Out (Ideas from Pintrest tested and put to use)

Also, back to my dear friend, Rachael and her blog, I love her "Husband Rocks" posts..I hope she doesn't mind that I take that and occassionally do something of the like. I'm thinking of "Hubby +'s".

And of course there would be some random posts here and there of day to day happenings.

I don't want to use all of the above weekly, so I need help picking 6 that I can stick to. The others will just be scattered in occassionally.

Any help, anyone?

Signing off,


Rachael said...

Use them all! You don't necessarily have to do the same thing every week! If I had to pick 6 though I would say:

Definately My Hubby Rocks'ish posts
House to Home
Rant and Rave
NFL/NHL - one related post a week, or do kinda like a weekend post like me with NFL/NHL tied in (that would take care of weekly goals too)
Pic of the week
Tried it Out (you can put recipes in this too!)

Dale said...

I actually don't like the NHL/NFL as a regular post, in that those aren't year-round things.

But you live in West Virginia, so how about a "roadkill of the week?"