Inspiration is Flowing Through my Fingertips..

I worked the Swing last night, came home not a bit tired. So I hopped on Pinterest for awhile and that made me sleepy. I fell asleep aruond 8 AM and woke back up around 1030AM...when I fell back to sleep something amazing happened.

I had this dream inside a dream, not like I woke up in my dream to still be in my dream, but about 3 different plots all in one, it was a whirlwind and some how I remember it. Forever whatever reason, I remember. I never remember my dreams unless they are so life like it's unreal, this was and it wasn't.

When I woke up and looked at my clock it was 1:10PM, I got out my laptop and tried to type out everything I remember.

Guys, I'm pretty sure I was inspired last night to write a book.

Ahh, I know call me crazy and I have no idea where I'll find time, it may take me YEARS...but this idea..it's good. I've always thought about writing a book and never had any idea that was worth writing,..it came to me last night and I KNOW it's not in a book I've read, or seen, or even heard of. My mind created this last night and like I said it wasn't just the plot of this book it was many rolled in one.

I'm obviously not going to go into details, but I assure you...I know a good book.

Well, I'll update at some point, no idea where this will go or lead, but I hope it goes somewhere. I swear I'm not crazy.

Signing off,

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Rachael said...

HEY GO FOR IT! I have an idea for a romance novel that I TOTALLY want to write too, but I just can't seem to get my ideas from my head into words. Kudos for you for getting it all out! I hope it works out for you, and if you need an editor/creative opinion I am totally here for you! =)