Pic of the Week: 3rd Week of February

I hope you guys are loving the new blog look, I know I am. I have Rachael at You, Me, and Natalie to thank for all of her work. It's still a work in progress, but isn't coming along so nicely?!

So I was going to show you this pic of Miss Ellie Mae..

but then right while I was typing this up she hops up on to my lap, walks over to my left side, and sits...here, just look:

She's "propped" up on my Left leg (pushing her self up with both front paws) so that she can sit like a person. What a goof. She's been doing this more and more lately along with pushing herself to this and then flopping back so we can rub her belly.

Haha, love our little girl. =)

Has your furbaby acquired any odd tricks not really "taught" to them?

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