What a Game!!!

Just look at that. I love Pittsburgh, such a unique, beautiful city.

Tuesday, Josh and I took the day to go up to Pittsburgh (the area in which were from) to go see a Pittsburgh Penguins game. I got Josh tickets for Christmas, so we made a day of it.

Ellie Mae was on "good" behavior for the ride up.

Josh and I took turns driving. Josh usually drives us up and even back, but he was really tired so I took over about half way through.

When we got to PA were expecting to get to see our sister, Aleece, and most likely no one else, but we were able to time it out perfectly. When we go there and while I was getting ready, Josh's mom and dad came home so we got to spend some time with family, which was really nice.

Aleece was kind enough to take a few pictures of Josh and I, and of course he was his goofball self.

We then headed on into the city, but not before stopping for lunch/dinner at one of our favorite chain restaurants in Monroeville, Don Pablos. Not sure why, but we love that place. We ordered up a large pitcher of magaritas and I we downed that during our dinner. I know it's "mexican" restaurant, but everytime we go I get their ribs. Their sauce is SO good.

We decided to park at Station Square and walk over to the Console Energy Center for the game. Googlemaps said it was about a 30 minute walk, but with our pace; it was about 20. We stopped at Bar Louie (another favorite) for a few pre-game (pre-$7.50 for a beer) drinks.

Ahh..I just love it!

When we got to the game and found our seats and got situated the game started not seconds later. It was one heck of a game. It was 4-1 at one point, and then 4-2. By the 3rd period we still hadn't caught up. 4-3....and then with SEVEN seconds left in the game our boy, Malkin, scored to make it 4-4. Intense!

It went to OT and my heart couldn't have pounded any harder. Shots were made, but no goals. Fleury, our goalie, stepped it up and made sure to shut them down.

Then to Shootout. For those non-hockey fans..it's like sudden death. One Player. One Goalie. One shot on goal. 3 times for each team, or more if it continues to be tied. Again, my heart was racing! Fleury stopped the Leafs 1st, 2nd, and 3rd attempts. We missed two, but our boy, Malkin, got his. Making the final score 5-4, with a Pens win!

It was such a great game to attend, so happy we were there!

1st period.

Ran into Denise, she was at the game too =)

3rd period.
See! 4-4!!!
Uhmm..excited to say the least!!
Malkin, ready to drop it in!
Fluery, shutting them down for the WIN!!

We had such a great time and I can't wait to go back to the 'Burgh..hopefully sooner than later. Maybe for a Pirates game this summer? =)

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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Rachael Farris said...

Looks like you guys had fun! =)

I hope you can go to a Pirates game! You, Me and Cari need to get to planning! =)