Pic of the Week: 4th Week of February

Sorry I'm a day late, I'm on the 2nd week of fighting whatever I have.

So a little story first:

Josh and I have been sick together since 2 Sundays ago. Last weekend Josh wasn't doing particularly well so I was taking care of him (we've been taking turns). He requested some soup and oj and unfortunately we didn't have any. So I made the trip to the grocery store and did some shopping.

While I was there I kept wanting to find him something. See, when I was I really sick and had to stay home from school when I was younger my mom and dad would get me a stuffed animal, or a game, or something just to make me smile.

I thought stuffed animal: Ellie would attack
Candy: Not different enough
Flowers: He wouldn't care for them
And, so I left. As I'm pulling out of the parking lot I saw what I wanted to get him at the store next door, a dollar store.

I got him a Get Well balloon. Goofy and it did make him smile, but the enjoyment we've got from it. Ellie was flat out ?scarred? of it. It's still inflated and floating around, but it's so funny.

At one point we tied a treat to it to try and desensitize her to it and she would lay down and try to lunge quick. It was like watching a crocodile snap, multiple times, but she never got close enough.

It's really too cute. So this weeks' picture is our pup starring down her arch nemesis. Haha!

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