Superbowl Thoughts..

Alright, so I'll start with the actual Superbowl.

Giant vs Patriots.

I'm not a fan of either team, but I was rooting for the Giants last night. I can NOT stand the Patriots and it's been over said all day today on all social media sites, but isn't it funny that the Pats won 3 times before being caught cheating and none since. That's all I'll say on that.

On to the next one; I can not stand their QB. Tom Brady is overrated in all aspects. Don't get me wrong he's good, but just like I said with Tebow it's more than just him that makes him good, there is a team behind him beside him (or that's the way it should be). Also I just don't think he's good looking. I do think he looks like a tool though, my apologies to anyone does "swoon" over him, but it's just no my taste. Maybe it's just the cockiness I don't like? Not really sure.

So yes, the Giants win made me quite happy.

With that said, GO STEELERS!!
Can't wait for next season!


I have super mixed feeling over the Half Time Show and my apologies if I ramble.

I've never been a huge fan; I do like some of her songs, but she's just not my favorite (don't I just sound like a hater today?).

Last night I was not impressed. Her dancing; lacking. Granted I know she is 53 years old, but it was bad in my opinion.

One thing I did like was "Like a Prayer". That was when I finally got into it and then it was over. Sad.

LMFAO & Nikki Minaj
I am a fan of both of them so I was disappointed that they were not incorporated more.

I'm already not a fan and I'm sure if you've been on the Internet at all today you've seen the "controversy" of her flipping off the camera, so yeah..not much else to say. Not impressed.

Cee Lo
Aaaahmazing. Love him. A true singer and performer and he nailed it. Like I said I got into it when "Like a Prayer" happened and it was over far too soon.

Not a huge fan, but I will say when it got to the bleachers and they were dancing/breaking on them, I was impressed and loving it. Ehh..that is except the "cartwheel" Madonna did. It was awkward and so far out of reach with the rest of what was going on.

One word...phenomenal. The ending with the lights shining "World Peace" was awesome. How many lights did that take? I'd love to know.

So yeah, like I said..mixed feelings. There were high and low points and it doesn't really help that I'm not a fan of Madonna's new song either.


Volkswagen - LOVED it! So cute.
Kia Optima - Done perfectly.
Sketchers - That dog was so cute and I loved his moonwalk!
M&M's - Quite possibly my favorite. I've always loved the M&M commercials and this was no different.
Doritos - Hilarious!

I was disappointed last year so I'm happy to say this year I wasn't. There were even more that I like, but these were my favorites. =)

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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Rachael Farris said...

1. Fun fact - since getting caught cheating the Jets and the Giants have been the only two teams to knock the Patriots out of the playoffs - every year since then!

2. Tom Brady is a tool, he's not attractive, and sometime I'll have to show you the waterslide photo. It explains it all.

3. Madonna's halftime show was "too much" and "not enough" - too much flash, and not enough reality.

The roman thing was too much.

4. MIA - disgusting. And she just ruined the halftime show for another four years.

5. LMFAO was cool. But...

6. EVERYONE WAS LIP-SYNCHING. Boo/hiss. I HATE that!! You could just TELL that everything had been pre-recorded.

7. How they got World Peace = it was a screen they rolled out on the field. At least I'm pretty sure it was.

I also loved the M&Ms commercial.

That is all! =)

Can't wait until next season either!

J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! JETS!