This Blog Goes Out to....Denise.

I decide to dedicate a post to one of my amazing, best friends.


We've known each other since my first semester in college, September 2007. We met in a computer class that we later named "Myspace 101". Facebook wasn't "it" just yet.

I'd like to think we hit it off right away. We both arrived early and had to wait outside the class to head in. It was there that we struck up our first conversation. We naturally sat beside each other and the friendship grew.

I remember when we had yet to hang out outside of school and I brought in Josh's one year anniversary gift to show here, a scrapbook. She loved it, a little too much. haha! She ended up commenting something on my myspace about the scrapbook and I had to take it down before Josh would see. We still laugh about that.

I'm trying to remember our "first time" hangout. Oh! I think I remember..she invited me to go Christmas shopping with her and her daughter, Alyssa at Pittsburgh Mills. Man, that was fun. That was the first time I met Alyssa too. What a little sweet heart, I just love that little girl!

We eventually got in the habit of going on a weekly outing. We ate at so many different restaurants and saw so many different movies. This one time we wanted to see Juno in theaters and it was all sold out so we punched in her gps for another location, we had to have drove at least 40 minutes out of the way to this random, hidden movie theater where we finally got to see Juno. It was such a great "adventure".

That's just it though, there's always something with us and  I just love it. We've had SO many great memories and I really wish she lived closer, I definitely don't get to see her enough. She is one of my best friends and we make it work. She's visited us here and I/we try to visit on occasion when were up there. She even came out for my sisters 21st Bday.

So yeah. She asked me something yesterday that just really made me happy to be her friend and to know she loves me and thinks very highly of me as her friend. I know she will always be there for me and of course I am there for her in return.

I love you girl!

Here's some pics from memory lane..

Finally eating at the Shogun (we always missed the hours of operation)

w/Miss Alyssa =)

4th of July; One of the best in Pittsburgh

New Year's Eve '09 I believe

Alyssa's 3rd Bday Party

My Wedding =)

One of our first times "out"

Steeler Game in '11

Her and Alyssa came to visit; We went to DC for the day

New Year's Eve '11
Seester's 21st Bday Party at Diesel Club

Signing off,
Ida Jade

P.S. I know you read every blog post, but we really need to get you to know how to comment for things like this. ;) hehe


Denise :) said...

Awww Ida!!!

Your my best friend and youre also one of the most trusting caring warm hearted people I've ever met. I actually think the first we ever hung out besides school was when it was like 8pm and I was on yahoo IM and you IM'd me "did you eat yet? Please tell me you didnt" haha you were craving sho gun and of course I wanted to come! So you came over and picked me up and we got there n it was closed! So we ended up going to Applebee's instead haha. I have the BEST memories with you! You've been there for me for sooo many things. Remember when I was moving back to Georgia and u were like that's okay, your family lives here so you'll always be visiting. Turns out YOU were the one who ended up leaving! Haha but I am thankful that you have family here so that u have maaaany excuses to come up! January was a good month too I got to see u 3 different times :) do u remember nye 2009 when we went bowling haha oh my god we have so many memories I could go on forever.

But what you wrote made me tear up then seeing all our old pics just ...awe. I bet I have a billion more that are on my MySpace haha. Me and u just clicked and I couldn't thank god more for puttin you into my life. We've been friends for 5 years now and I couldn't ask for a better person to have in my life. I know that I can ALWAYS count on you (even though you are usually late for our dates haha) but I can be myself when I'm with you. I cant wait to see u in a couple weeks! We have to take many more pics and I also wanna document it on video haha we never took videos and we should have haha

Love u Ida best friends for always

Ida Jade said...

Hey, you replied! =)

You know I can say the exact same about you right?

I think you're right, that was the first time. I can't help my cravings!

I pulled some of the pics from my Myspace actually, haha! I can't believe it's almost been 5 years already.

I'm so excited to visit! Love you girl, best friends for always =)