2012 Resolutions


Those things that  most fail to follow through with past the end of January?

Yeah, those.

What are mine?

I have few...

0.1. The most common and overused resolution, of course. Weight loss. Okay, so more importantly tone and strengthen. If all goes well I would like to lose around 15 lbs. Since I'm weighing in around 165 now, I don't think this should be too difficult if I am able to keep with my promises to myself
          - Today, I joined our local Golds Gym for just $19.99 a month.
            They are are very accommodating, most days they are open
            24 hours. I'm excited to begin and even have 3 free sessions
            with a trainer.
          - Josh, who already goes to the gym, will be joining me on
            occasion and we will be helping one another to eat better and
            exercise regularly
          - In joining this gym, I join 2 others in the area, which allows
            me to go to whichever need be. This now allows me to go to
            the gym with a few of my friends, which it always helps to
            have a workout buddy.
          - I will also be joining in with my friend, Rachael, and her
            linky party of Waist Watcher Wednesdays.

0.2. To manage our finances, save, and pay off a chunk of our debt.

          - I am working to find a money management system that
            will work for us, currently I use a simple excel sheet to
            track bills, but I'd like to dig deeper than that and set for
            us a budget to abide by.
          - Josh and I have many things we would like to before we
            even think about having kids.Traveling amongst other
            things. The big trip we hope to make will be for an
            extended vacation in France. Notice, I did not say Paris.
            I've studied french and hope to again before we are able to
            go, and I am aware of what all France has to offer. And,
            while I'd I want to see such things as the Eiffel Tower,
            there is much more to be seen.

0.3. To take care of my self, this includes not stressing and treating myself to life's simplicities; such as tanning and getting my hair done on a decently regular basis.

          - While at Golds today, I also joined for unlimited tanning.
            Say what you will for those who are against it, but it
            relaxes me and a even, beautiful tan. My skin is clearer
            and I feel better about myself. I will not tan everyday,
            most likely not even more than 3 days a week.
          - I also started today by getting my hair highlighted and
            cut. It was simple pleasure. I often forget how great it
            feels to have my hair done.

0.4. To have a successful and prosperous year in Real Estate. June, will mark me a full year doing what I love and I hope to make it a profitable and fulfilling year.

          - I am making multiple steps to do so. Of which, I care not
            to bore anyone with, but if successful..I will post of my

0.5. I just thought of one more. I wish to right everyone who means something to me in my life at least a one page letter each this year, and send it by snail mail. I think it would be a wonderous thing to do and something an art that has been lost.

I believe that is all, for now. What are your resolutions?

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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Rachael Farris said...

OOOO YAY! I am so excited that you're going to join in! I need to find a solution to my non-exercising problem. I will get back to running someday in the Spring, but what to do until then? I really need to buy a treadmill or something...

And can I just say oh.my.god!?!? We are so much alike! I do believe I just posted the other day about how I wanted to go to France, and not just Paris but Nice and Lyons, beaches and castles!! I took French in high school too! WHY did we not meet sooner? Lol