It was a Sick Night..

My Seester's Bday was Friday and we made sure it was one heck of a birthday.

Seester and me, ready to go for the night =)

We started out at Applebee's for dinner with friends and family and had a nice turn out of around 30 people. A good time was had by all, but the real fun came afterward.

Delicious Margaritas that my buddy, Nate, and I had..yum!!

We a headed back to the house to finish getting ready and pick up a few people who couldn't make it to dinner. Then we headed out to catch our party bus. Josh and I booked her a 24 passenger limo bus for the evening. When the bus pulled up, you could just feel the excitement in the air. Or maybe that was the bitter cold single digit temperature...either way.

We all loaded up and dove into to making our drinks from the complimentary "bar" and started on demolishing what ended up being around 100/135 jello shots between 11 people. We talked, we danced, we sang, we had one heck of a good time.

Cooler full of jello shots

Josh and I dancing on the bus
One of my besties, Denise, and I 
Hahah, seester and I having a great time
We hit some traffic on our way up there, but that was quite alright, it was barely noticed. When we arrived we headed right for Club Diesel where I had got us a few things for free the day before. I emailed them to see if we could wave the cover charges and in turn they also gave us a Champagne toast for Aleece, among a few other things.

We started out steady and then came the shots, haha! A good time was had by all and Aleece experienced her first tequila shot with me (my persona favorite). There wasn't a time all night that she didn't have a drink in hand.

We moved around a few different times and I wish we could have been there longer, but alas the night had to end at some point.

And now to be honest..I don't remember much after boarding the bus. Whoops! Aleece and I both ended up getting sick, but I don't think I would have changed a thing. It was a night to remember and I hope she had as good of time as I did.

Now I just can't wait until she visits us down here and we can go into Baltimore or something together.

Love you, seester!!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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