Introducing Me...#9

#9: Person Who Has Gotten You Through the Most

Me Mom.
Growing up I was picked on everyday and my self esteem was driven to the ground. If it weren't for my mom, I would not be who I am today. She kept my spirits high most days and when I joined dance she did everything she could to make sure I took every class and competed in every competition that I wanted to. I could never thank her enough. She prepared me for the "real world" and has made me into what I believe to be a wonderful woman, friend, and wife.

Love you, mom!

#9: How Important you think Education is
Education is fundamental for many different aspects of life. I believe in the K-12, but wish as one enters 11-12th grade that their should be more electives allowed to focus toward their career. I think it'd be great to have students work out some of the "kinks" when choosing their major for college ahead of time. Though, if more people went with general education when attending college their wouldn't be as much of a need for that.

As far as post-high school education I believe it is important, but I do not believe it's for everyone. It depends on the person and their goals and aspirations. I have nearly achieved my associates in Business and plan to eventually get my masters, but my life took me in a different path.

I know have my Real Estate License and I'm doing something I love.

To each their own.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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