The Nail Diaries..

or so a new blog should be titled, haha.

My dear friend, Michelle, who dabbles in nail art..I say dabbles VERY lightly, has been offering to do my nails for quite awhile now. I finally took her up on it tonight.

We spent 3 hours laughing, talking, and watching Jenna Marbles  (she's hilarious, watch if you haven't seen her already) on YouTube, while she worked on my nails. It was great and I'm SO happy with the way they turned out. Take a look for yourself.

Just a small amount of her massive collection

Love them!! =)

Aren't they great?!
The best part, I could understand her the whole time I got my nailes done, haha!

Signing off,
Ida Jade


Rachael Farris said...

WOW! They look amazing!! She is very talented! You should link up here:


She has a "nail files" link up party that start every Friday. These nails deserve to be spread out into the blog-world! They are awesome!

Michelle said...

I did find the site and posted a link to one of my nail art pics. Thanks!