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Not My Favorite (Rant)
Family Decals

They simply just annoy me. You know which ones I'm talking about for sure. They were cute at first, but now that just about every car I see has them. I'm simply annoyed. Be a little more original!

There was only one time where I thought it was amusing and cute. A pet sitting company used the animal decals for a business "ad" on the back of their car. That is original.

In case you weren't sure what I meant.

Love Me Some (Rave)
Bottle Tops

My dad got Josh and I these for Christmas. I have a terrible habit of cracking open a pop can and leaving it sit and letting it go flat. These are awesome. They fit snug and I don't have to worry about it spilling or going flat. If I decide to open one late in the night and don't want to finish it all, I don't have to and I don't have to waste it either. Yay!

I do plan on ordering more since we only got 2 of them. One of the first things I've seen in awhile that's been "Seen On TV" that actually works.

So simple.

Signing off,
Ida Jade


Rachael Farris said...

Awww I love the family stickers! Mike and I got Jets ones. We haven't put them on the car yet because we have so much other stuff on it! lol They'll probably never make it on there.

I've seen those can top things!!! We really need to get some, Mike and I are always bringing a soda to bed and wasting it!!

Ida Jade said...

Haha, they just get on my nerves. They're on almost every car in Charles Town, I swear.. and VA is even worse. I may like the Jets ones..again a little orginallity goes a long way.

And, yes..pick them up/order them..they're wonderful! =)