Pain is Weakness Leaving Your Body


Well than I'm pretty freaking weak.

Yesterday was the second day I've gone to teach at a local high school. If you remember or haven't seen the first post..it's here.

I was invited back to teach hip-hop this time around. A world different from lyrical jazz.

Thursday, I spent part of the day in my office, went to a meeting, mailed some things...pretty normal day. When I got home I got ready and headed to my favorite spot to choreograph (as of right now). When I got there I was expecting it to take me maybe 2 hours to finish the choreography, because I just was so nervous.

The song I ended up using was "Rock The Beat" - LMFAO. It's actually not much of a song, it's the 1st track on their album "Sorry for Party Rocking" and it's a prelude to the album titled song. It has a pretty awesome beat to it. You should look it up.

So I started off by doing some improv..the way I choreograph best and thought into what I wanted to create. In 40-45 minutes I was done. I impressed myself to be quite honest. It's a great feeling when this happens.

My obstacle from there was sleep. After a nice night in with Josh, trying to sleep was nearly impossible. I was ridiculously nervous. Why you ask? I've taught so many times before, I should be fine. Well I've taught hip hop before, but it was to the same group of girls for 3-4 years. They liked my style. I'm dealing with all new teens who know what they like and this is a genre they probably know most about, just from modern day society.

So I tossed and I turned and then my alarm went off. I got up and hubby got up with me. After I got ready to head out the door, he had coffee ready to take with me. Loved it! And off I went.

I stretched a bit ahead of time and when the first class came in. I introduced the song we would be doing and the fact that we would only use 8-counts for part of the song. One thing I've learned in taking dance, every teacher is different and you'll run into teacher who teach by 8-counts, sounds, and/or the music. I actually do a little of each, so I wanted them to really "listen" to the music and feel there way through it.

Everything went pretty dang well. My favorite was the reaction I got when I taught up to a certain point, we did it with music, and I continued on to the next step (which was my signature move and a HUGE step up in speed). I like to "add-on" before actually teaching it so they can see what's next and the speed of which it is done. I can't explain the sound reaction too well, but their eyes got wide and some of their mouths dropped. Haha! Such a great feeling!

We continued on and unlike I expected we just about finished the routine in all of the classes. I went to the water fountain in the locker room a few times after class and my ears were pretty delighted to what I heard. Majority loved the choreography and I also heard some "it was great - just taught too fast:". Aha! That's the point. They needed a challenge and I'm pretty sure I pushed them. Which again, is another great feeling.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon. I'll update you if I do. =)

Now back to the title of this post. I didn't think through the choreography with the fact that I would be doing it  over and over and over. In almost the very beginning we did a kick out, "dropped" to the floor with legs crossed, to turn completely around and jump up with feet spread apart. Uhmm..ouch. I did the movement/routine AT LEAST 25 times per class, if not more. There were 6 classes I taught in. That's the equivelant of 150 of those turns. Try it once and you'll understand my pain. By the very last one I did I could barely get my legs to unbend to "jump" up.

So I knew I was in pain from that. I was already hurting last night and after a big dinner..Josh and I made breakfast, yum! I slept for 2 1/2 hrs. I was exhausted! I woke up and could barely move. And after sleeping tossing all night, I hurt even worse. I can feel almost every muscle in my back, neck, and shoulders not to mention my legs, arms are killing me too. Talk about a work out!

Please tell me I made up  for not hitting the gym the past few weeks. I promise I'll be better if I don't have to deal with this amount of pain again. It actually hurts me to stand up straight, and bending down to get anything..yeah, that's not happening.

"Pain is Weakness Leaving Your Body"

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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