1/2 Bath Transformation..

House to Home

I didn't really accomplish much today, so I thought I'd post more pictures of one of our first projects...the 1/2 bath.

When we bought the house it was a foreclosure that sat for about 2 years, the toilets had wax seals on them and began to leak from no compression. For some reason, one of the previous owners put hardwood floor into the bathroom. *smack head* Hate that! So it began to rot and so we, okay more like Josh had to pull up the floor, fix the leak, and put down new cement board and flooring. We also hated one thing about that bathroom,..the color. It was a really icky yellow. Let me show you..


Ripped up the floor..

Put down cement board..

Painted (haha)..

Purchased a brand new marble countertop for $15 at the ReStore (love that place)..
It didn't quite fit, so we put down cement board on each side and added seashells from our honeymoon.
As you can see we painted the cabinets too.
We also took the leftover tile that was left by the previous owner (that is also in our kitchen) and put that up...

We grouted the tile (you can also see the flooring we put down in this picture)..

Added trim to the tile and this is the finished look.
Oh, and the counter we bought had 3 holes and our faucet required only 2, so we used the other and added a soap dispenser.

Since then we've added a few pictures, a stand above the toilet, a mirror, and we spray painted the lights (they were gold, and I hate gold!) I really should take a picture of it completely finished. (Maybe another time).

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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