Chicken Noodle Soup

Tried It Out Thursdays. (A day late)

For the past 3 weeks or so I've really been craving homemade chicken noodle soup, so while browsing on Pinterest I came across a pin for homemade noodles. Yumm!

Here's the original link that I used to make my noodles.

3 1/2 Cups Flour
3 Medium Eggs
1 Tsp Salt
3/4 Cup Cold Water

Stir all ingredients together until you see small crumbs begin to form..

Step 1. Combine Flour and Salt in a mixing bowl, create a well in the middle, and add the eggs..

Step 2: Slowly add the water in and stir together, as you do you will begin to notice it "clumping" more.
Continue to add the rest of the water until all the crumbs are gone and you have one firm, elastic, dough ball left.
*I will say that I ended up using my hands to knead it all together, using a spoon didn't seem to get the job done*

My dough ball, close to being ready. Once you have one smooth ball, sit aside for 10 minutes.

I have no idea if this is myth or not, but something I picked up from my mom is to use a towel to cover the bowl with dough. She always did it when we made pizza dough. Not sure if it "truely" makes a difference, but it seems to.

Step 3. Roll out the dough as thin as possible on a floured service. Honestly, the more flour the better (that way it doesn't stick). When the dough is boiled it will incease about 3x in size (they're really not joking about this one..that's why I say the thinner the better).

Then using a pizza cutter, make your strips. I probably cold have made them smaller and froze what I didn't use, because these ended up being a bit long.

*If at any point the dough sticks to your hands, sprinkle flour on your hands and continue. It works, I promise.*

I took 4 chicken breast and cut them into vertical strips and then I cut them horizontally to make little cubes. I took these and began to boil them in a large pot while I prepared the rest of my ingredients.

I took 2 boxes of this chicken broth and 2 cups of water and combined them to boil everything in. I added on chicken bouillion cube as well to liven the flavor just a bit more.

I cut up 1/2 of an onion and small bag of baby carrots and added them to the pot.

The spices I added were a little bit of Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, and Salt. I'll say the black pepper made the biggest difference, it added just the right about of "spice" to the soup.

I added the noodles in about 20 minutes into the boiling. I then let it boil another 15 minutes. That length of time varies though on how you like your noddles. Just taste them!

I put together a quick salad then too.

It was simply delicious and I know Josh appreciated it. I don't get to cook much with the schedule I have. I'm hoping to be able to more since my casino schedule is down to 2 nights a week and only the 7pm-3am shift instead of the 11pm-7am (SO much easier!).

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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