My Husband Rocks #2

So I'm linking up with Rachael who is doing "My Husband Rocks" Fridays.

Josh deserves more than one day every other week, but it's some kind of way to show my appreciation. He is a wonderful man and does so much that I don't thank him for nearly enough.

This week My Husband Rocks, because of his patience with me.

Patience in teaching me. Lately, I've been wanting to learn more about the actual game of football, as far as calls and positions. I know a good bit, but I want to know more. He's been really patient and answering my otherwise silly questions.

It's not the first time he's taught me something, or at least tried. The guitar. Yeah, that's just not for me..my fingers just don't bend that way.

This past weekend just brought it back to my attention how patient he is with me, especially when teaching me something new.

Thanks, hubby! =)

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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