Delay Caused by Good Friends

Okay, I've now missed 2 posts. *shame shame*

I do plan to catch up though! Things just came up.

One of my best friends, Amber, had a interview in DC yesterday and I went along for moral support, like a good friend. We had a really great time and I'm pretty sure she rocked the interview. Here's hoping!

Just a few pictures from our outting. While waiting for Amber we found a bar to sit at and have a few drinks so we were feeling pretty decent before our train ride back. It was a really great time!

Matching jeans. Rue 21...minus the color, haha!

We may have had a few drinks =)

Me. Infront of the White House. =)

Ber (Amber). Infront of the White House.
Love her. And wish her ALL the best!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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