Playing Catchup..

I've been unable to post the past few days because of how busy I've been. I'm getting A LOT done though. Quite proud of myself actually, it's been a really productive week.

I guess I should start with how we fared last week with our picks..

We ended  up coming in 2nd for our league, not too bad.

Here's where the Penguins stand as of yesterday...

the Penguins are 11-6-3.
As most of you probably are aware, Sid the Kid comes back tomorrow against the Islanders. How exciting! Can't wait to see what he does!

Here's our picks for this week

Jets VS Broncos
VS Vikings
Jaguars VS Browns
Bengals Vs Ravens
Panthers VS Lions
Buccaneers VS Packers
Bills VS Dolphins
Cowboys VS Redskins
Seahawks VS Rams
Cardinals VS 49ers
Chargers VS Browns
Titans VS FalconsEagles VS Giants
VS Patriots

As of right now..we're in 1st place. Tied up though with 2 other people. It's going to be a close race.


Signing, off,
Ida jade

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