NFL/NHL Update #2

Here it is...2 days late. At least it's getting done!

We didn't do too bad on the NFL side of things for our picks. 9 points total, but there were 4 other people who ended up with 10. Hopefully, next week will be a little better.

I'm excited for the game Sunday against the Bengals, it should be a good game. Here's hoping there's some actual consistency in the penalties and calls (that goes for all games across the board).



The Penguins lost one and won one, so here's hoping for a better week this week. They have 2 games before the next update, next Tuesday.

GO PENS!!! 9-3-3

Signing off,
Ida Jade


Dale said...

I could have told you that the Texans would beat the Browns!

Ida Jade said...

Haha, yeah. We thought it may be an odd game. The NFL is ridiculously unpredictable anymore with the games pretty much being decided by the Refs.

Rachael said...

Love the new charts! They look really good! What program did you use to make it? =)

Ida Jade said...

Thanks, girly!

I actually just designed it in Word and used the "Prt Sc" button to copy the entire screen. From there I pasted it to Paint, cropped it, and saved it as a JPEG. =)