Bona = LOVE

House to Home Wendesdays! ( a few days late)

I introduce you to my first experience with the Bona Hardware Floor Care System.

I. Am. In. LOVE.

It really did the job and is better than a swiffer of any sort. Of course, this is my personal opinion, but if you have hardwood floors, I suggest trying it. I got it for rather cheap at Home Depot for $23.97. This included the cleaner spray, the mop itself, and 2 different cleaning pads. One for picking up loose dirt and the other for actually cleaning/scrubbing the hardwood floors.

A before picture.
and another.
The first thing I did was scrub the floors. I know it's typically a "no, no" to use any water on hard wood floors, but no normal cleaner would have done the job. The floors were just a mess. So I took the smallest bit of Mr. Clean and some water, put it in a bucket, and went to work. Never letting the water "soak". I used an old towel to "dry" it most of the way and turned on my ceiling fans to help it dry even quicker.

This is a softer bristled scrub brush I picked up at Home Depot.
This worked well and didn't scratch up the floors at all so it did it's job.

I picked up this wooden handle at Home Depot instead of the plastic one they were selling along side this brush. It fits the same way and holds up a million times better.
After allowing it to dry completely, I broke out my new toy. I wish I had a picture of the first attachment, but I don't. I will say though that it is super easy to use and gentle on the floors. It's very soft and "fur-like". I had already swept and scrubbed the floors, but it picked up even more. I was rather grossed out.

My new toy.

The next attachment is to really clean the floors. You go along and spray the cleaner, which has a great mist to it. I don't know if some of you notice, but most cleaners drip afterwards in a spray bottle, but this one seemed to be very well made. I started at the far end of my living room spraying one "strip" at a time. About a 12' x 2' area and took the Bona and gently scrubbed.

After doing this about 3 times, my eyes were bulging. It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but my floor was practially shining. Beautiful! I was so estatic!

This is the first bit that I did. *Bliss*

All in all it didn't take very long and the finished product was heavenly. The floor dried almost instantly and could be walked on immediately after I was done. A 5 star product in my eyes, that every hardwood floor owner should have.

The finished product.
Signing off,
Ida Jade

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