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Not feeling too well tonight, had to call off work, but I have nothing better to do, so I'm lounging on our new super comfy couch and catching up on my blogging. Tonight, I reveal our fireplace we've worked so hard on (in a later post).

Love <3

Not My Favorite (Rant)
Overplayed Songs.

The regular radio just seems to be getting worse and worse. You hear the same songs at least twice within an hour. I appreciate all music and I like a lot of songs when they come out, but by the time they've been "aired" for two weeks they've been entirely overplayed.

This makes me miss the first car I bought, a Chevy Cobalt. It was equipped with Satellite radio. I'm aware I could get it for my car and have Josh install it, but that's a hassle and it costs too much right now. I have better things to put my money towards.

Thank god for a cd player and ipod hookups or I may go nuts. The radio just continues to get worse and worse. The only time I enjoy it, is the morning shows when they really aren't playing music.

Love Me Some (Rave)
Rooms and Things.

Roomsandthings.com, that is. The couch you saw above was a purchase from there.

We had gone looking at all of the furniture stores in the area and finally came across one we loved at an Ashley Home Furniture Store in Frederick. It was priced over our budget and to deliver would cost $150. We were hesitating so we wrote down the information and took it with us.

That night I hopped on the computer and did some research. I came across this site and got excited and skeptical at the same time. They were selling it for $500 cheaper, with free shipping and no tax (I'm sure it was factored in to the price, but still!). I did what I always do with online stores and looked at the reviews. Every one of them were great, time was the only complaint, but we weren't in any rush, so 1-3 weeks..not bad.

They offered the couch in two different configurations (R facing and L facing corner), I clarified which I wanted and added it to my cart. I was beyond nervous because of how large of a purchase it was over the internet, but the reviews were spot on.

At checkout, I saw a space for a "coupon code" and I decide to Google one. So happy I did, because I found one for 5% off the total. I ended up saving almost $600 dollars from the original price we saw at the local store. Can't beat that!!

After I placed the order it was only a day or so later that I was contacted to make sure they were sending the right corner. They actually called twic, which was really nice, because they wanted to make sure they had the order right.

I originally placed the order on 11/3/11 and we got a call Friday 11/18/11 that they would deliver on Monday (today) if that would be okay. So It took 18 days for it to get to us. Not bad, in my opinion.

It was a great transaction and everything was delivered perfectly. It took no time to set up and we are in love. There are just so many things we love about. I'm really, really happy with this purchase.

If you're looking for furniture or even accessories, check out Rooms and Things, I'm sure you'll love them too!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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Rachael said...

Not trying to promote the Hubby's business or anything, but Dutch Bros can order ANYTHING from the Ashley website and probably get it to you for cheaper, AND Hubby would deliver it to you! =)

But it's too late now hehe It looks great!!