An Old CD

Amazing, what an old cd can do.



I was looking for songs to dance to just a minute ago and came across some from before Josh and I got together. Certain songs, just take me back. Back to a time, I care not to remember most of the time, but it's what made me, ME.

It makes me realize how far I've come, how far I've been, and how far I'm going to go. I'm going to be successful, I'm going to make some change in this world, whether it be a small one or not. I may only be 22..I get razzed for it almost every single day.

Yes, I'm 22, but I know what I want. I see, I strive, and I attain.

I love my life and everything in it, unlike a time not too long ago.

Josh and I have been married for coming up on a year and half in January. We own our own home. There are not too many people out there who can say that. I'm proud, slash that. I'm damn proud.

I didn't get stuck in my hometown, where most did. I've ventured and achieved. I'm on my way to greatness, but most of all I'm happy.

I couldn't be happier.
Life is wonderful..people often talk of how life as a "child" was much easier..I find these days easiest. I gripe just like every other person, but all in all, life is easier then it ever was then for me. It's simple. I'm doing what I love, so there for I love life and I have the most amazing husband on this journey with me.

My advice....If you're not happy..change it. You deserve it. Only you know where you came from and what you can do. Strive, achieve, and attain!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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