Pantry Makeover

Tried. It. Out. Thursdays
So I did this one about two weeks ago, but I'm so proud of it and believe it or not it still looks like this!

Icky contact paper..

This was just ONE shelf..there was alot that
1. Was Expired
2. I Didn't Know We Had
3. We Don't Use
Removed the contact paper..

Painted the Shelves
Painted the same color as our kitchen cabinets on the inside
Added this easy storage shelves I purchased on clearance from Walmart

This is the project I did that was inspired by Pinterest. Here are the examples:

So I took a similiar shaped box we've had laying around forever from our dvd player and measured out the cuts..
I then used a box cutter to cut it.

I used this alot for our invitations for our wedding and I loved it, so I pulled it back out for this project.

I used scrapbook paper and cut it to the same shape.

This worked so nicely, such a space saver.

 And again..the finished product!

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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