NFL/NHL Update #1

Okay, let me me just say...How on earth is it November, already! It'll be 2012 before we know it! Time goes far too fast.

Alright, so let me start out with I don't know everything about football, but boy do I love to watch it. Sundays have become our Pizza and Football day. I just love it! I've been a Steeler fan since I can remember. I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and my main reason for loving them?..they're a working mans team.

Currently Josh participates in a Pick 'Em League and the past few weeks I've been helping him. Back in week 5, the week I started helping, we won for the week. He had to pick this weekends without me since we didn't have a chance to choose together, but he did pretty well. He didn't win, but he did come in 2nd.

NFL Update..
Games                  Scores     Who We Picked

Dolphins VS. Giants          20-17               Giants
Saints VS. Rams               31-21               Saints
Jaguars VS. Texans           24-14             Jaguars*
Vikings VS. Panthers         24-21             Panthers
Colts VS. Titans                27-10             Titans
Cardinals VS. Ravens       30-27            Cardinals*
Lions VS. Broncos           45-10               Lions
Redskins VS. Bills            23-0                
Patriots VS. Steelers         25-17             Steelers
Bengals VS. Seahawks     34-12             Bengals
Browns VS. 49ers           20-10              
Cowboys VS. Eagles        34-7                Eagles
Chargers VS. Chiefs         23-20            

* - Won due to additional point spread factor

* - Lost due to additional point spread factor
I have to say one of my favorite plays the Steelers made during that game, though there were many against the Patriots, was the Saftey at the end. Just love my boy, Polamalu. He got it done!

One more thing..why was Brady wearing a freaking suit at his press conference? Now I'm not sure if this is procedure anymore, I usually turn the channel before seeing any of them, but I know that I can't recall seeing a Steeler ever wearing a suit. I'm sorry, but just more reason for me to dislike him. It was so nice to see him drop that ball at the end.

So the Steelers are 6-2..on to the next week.
VS. Ravens 8:20PM on Sunday. Should be a good game.

On that note..Let's Go Steelers!!

N H L ..Okay Pittsburgh Penguins Update..

I was unable to watch any of the games this week, I don't even know that Josh got to watch any and he loves hockey. Afterall, he's the one who got me into it in the first place.

 Date            Who We Played           Win (W)/Lose (L)          Score
10/27/11            Islanders                   W                      3-2
10/29/11          Maple Leafs                 L                      4-3

Current Record.. 8-3-2
Facing the Sharks @ 10:30PM this Thursday and the Kings this Saturday @ 10:30PM.

Let's Go Pens!!
Signing off,
Ida Jade

PS..Please comment and let me know how this format of this post looks on your computer. It's near perfectly line up on mine, but I worry I may have to design a different (maybe upload images of the same text) so that it fits any and all computer screens.

Let me know! Thanks!


Ashley said...

I wish hockey was bigger down here! When I went up to Ohio to see Jason earlier this year, we went to a Columbus Blue Jackets game. It was so intense and fun and I LOVED it!! It even topped a Magic game (and we know how I love those)...

PS- format looks good to me :-)

Ida Jade said...

Haha, aww! Yeah, hockey is quite exciting. I love how brutal it can be, I get upset with footbal a lot lately because of all the constraints they've put on the players. It's a sport..people ARE going to get hurt. Sometimes I think they're trying to turn the NFL into flag football. Hah!

Thanks! I was worried it may get wonky on different screens.

Rachael said...

The format for the hockey one was ok, but not the NFL. Maybe instead of typing it out, do one on Picnik and save it as a photo? I can make you one and see if you like it =)

Ida Jade said...

Thanks, Raechel! That's exactly what I was thinking. I'll tweak it tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I figured with different computers it would behave differently. Thanks!