NFL Picks Week 10

First off, I'm so excited about the new uploading picture feature on here. They've made it so you can pick multiple pictures instead of choosing them individually. It seems to upload quicker too. I know my fellow bloggers will appreciate this, it's so much nicer.

On to our picks for the week. We had to pick on Thursday, but here's who we choose. *Hoping for a good week*

Raiders VS Chargers
Cardinals VS Eagles
VS Browns
Titans VS Panthers
Jaguars VS Colts
Bills VS Cowboys
Broncos VS Chiefs
Texans VS Buccaneers
Saints VS Falcons
Redskins VS Dolphins
VS Bengals
Ravens VS Seahawks
VS Bears
Giants VS 49ers
Patriots VS Jets
Vikings VS Packers

And just a reminder the picks we make also factor a point spread, so it may not be that we think the bolded team will win, but they will beat out the point spread.

So far we lost Thursday and are winning 6/9 currently.

Here's hoping the Steelers pick it up and beat out the Bengals.

Signing off,
Ida Jade

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